Melan-conomy – Co-creating crisis

By Louise Pogager


One for all and all for one, we are in it together – an economic crisis that continually seems to unroll and unravel, through media coverage, academic debates, economic actions and governmental manoeuvring. And yet it does not seem, that we are getting anywhere – rather it seems that we move in circles re-producing the same-and-not-the-same crisis scenario in every new dealing with economy. Inspired by STS[1] and the idea that experimentations with the relation between the conceptual-empirical is co-creating the ‘world’ (and hence our ability to experience the world is created through continual conceptualization and vice versa[2]), combined with a position of departure in critical theory: examining the world from a position of a priory pain, a position to close for comfort[3] – my current agenda is to reflect on money, crisis, debt and the human state of mind, being in a state of blasé, co-creating the economic crisis manifesting in what I deem melan-conomy. Hoping the reader will bare with me, I include my own view – inspired by Haraway’s concept of ‘situated knowledges’[4] (claiming that there is a truth in every and any view, because “knowledge are material-semiotic nodes”[5] as such knowledge is an interaction between the object and the knowledge seeker) – exposing my self from a position to close for comfort – as an element of “‘embodied’ account of the truth”[6], using my own experiences and state of mind as ‘data’, in the following philosophical reflections on the economical crisis and human state of mind, as a state of being blasé, co-creating a situation of melan-conomy by our conception of money, crisis, debt and human prospect. During these reflections, the term blasé will be unfolded and understood via Sloterdijk’s Critique of the cynical reason[7]. I will introduce an understanding of money, as a ‘split in-between’, between Zizek’s orders of the real, symbolic and the imaginary, in an understanding of Bjerg’s Making Money – The philosophy of crisis capitalism[8]. This will lead to the analysis in which I will account for an understanding of economy and human a state of blasé, co-creating melan-conomy and finally reintroducing Sloterdijk, I will touch upon the implications this state of blasé might entail. But before going any further, I will introduce my own experience and reason for entering into these reflections.


The loss of innocence

A few years back I wrote a strong spirited essay on the Occupy Wall Street[9] movement and The New Spirit Capitalism by Luc Boltanski and Ève Chiapello[10]. At the time I was convinced that this movement would ignite, maybe not a revolution but perhaps merely acknowledgement and the first steps towards an adjustment of the monetary state of affairs causing segregation and isolation of individuals in society due to poverty and debt. Steps towards what I would deem a more sustainable economy.

Since then I realised that it was a naïve misinterpretation of the current state, not least while studying for this course: Money Finance and Sustainable Economy. As I read and tried to understand this syllabus, I gradually realised even further the complexity of economy and how little I really understand. In the process I came to wonder if any, even the most brilliant economists of the world, are able to grasp the entirety and impact of economy. If this is true – that global economy in its entirety is unachievable  – how are we ever going to proactively navigate truly sustainable in a global economy. These slow and torturing realizations left me in a state of apathetic despair. Suddenly the sense of the syllabus seemed senseless, because I would never be able to do anything about economy anyways. It was like continuing moments of enlightenment stripped me from my previous naivety and I experienced a sense of kinship with the mindset of the cynic: “In this, there is something of the mourning for a “lost innocence,” of the mourning for better knowledge, against which all action and labor are directed.”[11] With my new knowledge, I knew better than before how inefficient my impact and my prospects will ever be, there is no sense and the right ‘thing’ is indefinable – I realised that this better knowledge that I tried to find in the syllabus does not exist. I felt to be in a place without a view, caught in an economy of gloomy future prospects. I found my self without a sense of purpose – to be blasé.


To be blasé

Being blasé is born from a reading of Sloterdijks Critique of the cynical reason, and is the result of trying to sum up the cynical reason in one adequate word. Generally the cynical reason is a state of collective public mass loneliness and purposelessness. “[T]he cities themselves has become diffuse clumps whose power to create generally accepted public character has been lost”[12] consequently “Today the cynic appears as a mass figure.”[13] Returning to being blasé this engender that the individual psychologically inhabits a state of borderline melancholia.[14] The state is set on by “enlightened false consciousness”[15], which is a state of knowingly acting without purpose and prospect. The claim is that this purposelessness is the result of enlightenment, because as “we are enlightened, we are apathetic….It does not occur to us to love the kind of knowledge we have; rather we ask our selves how we might contrive to live with it without becoming ossified.”[16] Thus the state of blasé is neither activity nor inactivity, but survival. It is surviving the “lost innocence … mourning for better knowledge, against which all labor is directed.”[17] By this, being blasé is the outcome of accumulated knowledge, that in turn results in a cynical realization that there is no right answer, there is no higher purpose, there is only “the nothingness to which everything leads.”[18] “To act against better knowledge is today the global situation in the superstructure; it knows itself to be without illusions and yet to have been dragged down by the “power of thing”.[19] As such the state of blasé also inhabits an element of victimization, the cynical reason and being blasé, is surviving as a victim of life and circumstance, knowing too much, knowing to be without illusions. Isolated by the fact that there is no higher purpose in life, knowing every action to be fruitless, but doing it anyways out of self-preservation. Telling one self that it has to be don, otherwise others might “do it anyways, perhaps worse.”[20] Being blasé is a painful activity, acting out of “the compulsion to put up with preestablished relations”[21]. Acting against better knowledge, knowing that no knowledge provides prospects quite the contrary.


My being blasé was set on by two realizations: money does not exist and what I conceive as an economical state of melan-conomy. Two realizations I will elaborate on in the following.


Money does not exist

“Money does not exist”[22] as a final definable entity.[23] Money is as a complex interdependency between, value, price and future possibilities. Inherent in this understanding of money is also a number of paradoxes, which addressed directly may cause the interdependency to dissolve. What makes money is the “believe that the money issued by the state [gold or cash] is somehow backed by ‘real value’, this money will indeed circulate as if it were actually backed by ‘real value’, thus producing the effect that it is indeed backed by ‘real value’”.[24] In other words money only exist as long as we trust in them as a concept symbolising value, the moment we question this, money start to dissolve and sees to exist.


This conceptualizing of money leaps from the understanding, that Heideggers[25] Dasein is in its being between what- and that-ness.[26] As such the Dasein does not exist as a final definable entity. Quoting Heidegger: “Dasein is ontologically distinctive in that it is ontological”[27], Bjerg asks not what is money, but “How is Money”.[28] Framing the question of how is money, Bjerg bridges to Zizek’s understanding of the subject as a split identity. Accordingly the subject is understood as an in-between, exiting in a constant state of lack.[29] This in-between is according to Zizek constituted by three orders: the symbolic, the real and the imaginary, conjoined in a Borromean knot. Understanding the three orders, every characteristic by which the subject is defined is a symbol. This symbol leaves the subject in a state of lack as it acknowledges that for real, it is more that this symbol, more, which is not yet fixed by symbolic signifiers. Alas the more is in the moment of realization locked between the real and the symbolic, in the subject’s imagination of its subjectivity.[30] This is how the subject is split, in a constant in-between, between a symbolic reality and real presence, as it is never reducible to neither ‘the symbolic signifiers of reality’, nor emerging complete in ‘a real actual presence’. As such, what constitutes subjectivity is a lack, because subjectivity is always more than what meets the eye – a constant possibility of the imaginary not yet fixated in reality by signifiers.

Returning to the subject of money, Bjerg use an understanding of the three orders: the symbolic, the real and the imaginary to make an understanding of how is Money. Put shortly Bjerg draws on the theories of money: commodity theory, credit theory and State theory in his understanding of money. Essentially this means that money can be understood having three points of emergence: from the order of the symbolic in State theory as fiat money; from the order of the real in commodity theory, as real value; and from the order of the imaginary in credit theory as digital money.[31] Though the State theory and commodity theory understand money differently, they agree on the fact, “Money is essentially a thing.”[32]


Understanding the symbolic and the state theory of money, having $20 is having a note saying ‘It Owes yoU’ the possibility of acquiring any commodity of the value of $20.[33] But money comes with a catch, concurrently the fiat impose a ‘yoU Owe It’. Due to the constitution of the state theory of money, providing citizens money it comes with a primordial debt to society[34], repayable only through a lifetime of taxes fines etc.[35] By accepting money one accepts a claim upon one self in exchange of possibilities through the order of the symbolic, because the fiat money becomes the symbol of the claim. In other words, by acknowledging and using money, it seems that one at the same time are given possibilities and fall victim to money. Conceptualising money this way, is realizing a participation in conceptual victimization, and every monetary transact holds an immanent acknowledgement “that it has to be so”[36] as we spend money out of self-preservation.

Understanding the real and the commodity theory of money. Drawing on the understanding of the symbolic as a reality of signifiers, cash money is in its physical form (of fiat money) a symbol of a value. As a symbol of value, money inhabits the capacity of measuring commodities against each other in price. Thus money becomes a medium for exchange of value in price.[37] However, money is not only a symbol of value in price, it is in it self value, and thus, like Zizek’s subject, money is split between, price (the value of commodities) and value (the value of value (money in it self)).[38] As means of explanation, gold has been used to verify the value of money. This merely circumvents the explanation, as it displaces the mystery of value of value. To believe in the value of money one now have to accept gold backing money, because gold inhabits the mysterious value of value.[39] Seemingly, one cannot deny that cash and gold in reality differ as a symbol of value, as cash is merely paper and coin, whereas gold is gold. Gold seems suddenly more real, until questioned on the value of gold itself. Gold is only real as value of value, when we simultaneously accept it as symbolizing the function of money.[40] As such both gold as money and money as cash, is split between the order of the symbolic and the real, held together only by the value ascribed it through the Imaginary. Only “As long as people believe that the money issued by the state [gold or cash] is somehow backed by ‘real value’, this money will indeed circulate as if it were actually backed by ‘real value’, thus producing the effect that it is indeed backed by ‘real value’”.[41] Value is backed by the belief, that it can be converted into ‘real value’ in reality, in other words, money exists and functions through a tautology. Conceptualizing money like this, believing in money as value seems absurd and somehow the belief in money becomes a believe against better knowledge, and any act in economy becomes “to act against better knowledge”[42]

Finally we reach the understanding of money by the order of the imaginary. The order of the imaginary is concerned with the ascription of value or the belief in ‘real’ value. Consequently the imaginary enables credit, in the form of cash (‘It Owes yoU’/yoU Owe It) or credit in the form of debt (‘I Owe yoU’). Understanding credit theory, it is basically circulation of credit and debt.[43] But to be able to circulate debt as an abstract, and not as intricate records of houses, bread and sheep, it needs a common denominator[44]or a system of account. This common denominator or system is found in the fiat money, as they denominate a system symbolising value. Also circulating debt means, possibly receiving a third party I Owe yoU, which calls to question the creditworthiness of the debtor, because the value of a debt is only worth as much as the likelihood of its redemption.[45] To overcome this in credit theory of money banks takes on a role, much similar to gold in the commodity theory of money, as valuer of the value of debt.[46] The creditworthiness of a debtor is measured by the odds of future returns on the investments or the possibility of earning back the debt by sale of labour or commodities in the future. Paradoxically banks are the agents in the economy with the highest creditworthiness, in spite of the fact that they produce nothing.[47] The paradox is that the function of banks in the theory of credit comes to enforce the same tautological effect in the credit theory of money, as gold in the commodity theory of money. Because a debt has value, because it is backed by banks, that are creditworthy because they are creditworthy. Conceptualizing money via the order of the imaginary is to “see the nothingness to which everything leads.”[48] At the same time, knowing to be a victim of this nothingness and re-enforce it, in continuous acts against better knowledge.

Consequently money does not exist but is merely a complex interdependency between, value, price and future possibilities, held together in a borromean knot. What makes money is the “believe that the money issued … [credit, gold or cash] is somehow backed by ‘real value’, this money will indeed circulate as if it were actually backed by ‘real value’, thus producing the effect that it is indeed backed by ‘real value’”.[49] Inherent in this understanding of money, is a number of paradoxes, which addressed directly renders a realization of being victimized and encroached by a concept of nothingness up-held by acting against a better knowledge thus reconfiguring the knot. Further more in this realization of money as a concept is a creation, my co-creation of the intersection of the conceptual-emperical, and the conceptualizing of money, realizing the nothingness of money via a state of blasé, becomes as re-creation of money. Money as an illusion over which one has no power, a necessary evil, endured against better knowledge.


My second realization was melan-conomy set on by a reading Rickards, The Death of Money. While lingering at this passage regarding the economical movement in the period 2009-2013: “The economy was in a phase not seen in eighty years. It was neither a recession as technically defined, nor a robust recovery as widely expected. It was a depression, exactly as Keynes had defined it, “a chronic condition of sub-normal activity for a considerable period without any marked tendency either toward recovery or toward complete collapse.” There was no cyclical recovery because the problems in the economy were not cyclical; they were structural. This depression should be expected to continue indefinitely in the absence of structural changes.”[50][51] The passage caught my eye, because it seems to inhabit a gloomy diagnosis. The economy is suffering from something chronic, something from which it neither recovers nor succumbs to. The economy is a “sick patient”[52] comparable to the description of the present-day cynic: ”Psychologically, present-day cynics can be understood as borderline melancholies, who can keep their symptoms of depression under control and can remain more or less able to work.” [53] Like the cynic the economy seems to keep working, more or less. It neither moves toward recovery, nor towards complete collapse, it seems, in almost motionlessness, to remain calm, repressing the catastrophic symptoms in a way that makes it keep working. I realized, even the economy seems apathetic, like a borderline melancholic. It seems unable to make up its mind; not moving yet not completely passive. When stimulated one or the other way it seems not to care to (re-)act at all, it seems only to keep the depression under control, to remain able to work. I wonder if the purposelessness that I felt, reading of economy, somehow was a mirror of economy, or if maybe my enlightenment made economy emerge in a certain way. In any case blasé, it seems; is the current denominator of the state of mind and mind of states – creating melan-conomy.

According to Rickards, economists, indebted homeowners, unemployed, young students and government officials, share the frustration concerning economy. For the past fifteen years prior to the crisis of 2008, the false confidence in real-estate lead to inflated prizes in the housing market. In 2007 when the bubble burst homeowners were left with mortgages exceeding the value of their property, which started the depression.[54] The logic consequence of a depression is deflation caused by the propensity not to spend, resulting in further deflation as production goes down and hoarding of cash seems more sensible than investing in failing enterprises.[55] Consequently it led to the panic of 2008, where corporations and individuals lost confidence in the banks and their method of business. A worldwide run on banks would have resulted in a depression as devastating as the one of the 1929 market crash. The reason for predicting such severe consequences is due to how money is created. The amount of money in the world is determined by the amount of debt, more debt equals more money, which entails: less debt equals less money.[56] In fact more that 97% of the economy is created trough deposits of loans.[57] In other words economy is dependent on the willingness to lend out money and if we try to realize the money (withdraw all at once) economy literally evaporates into nothingness. Consequently to evade potential disaster caused by the panic in 2008 the sovereign governments, and central banks bailed out banks deemed to big to fail, reinstating private debt as public debt[58], by using taxpayers’ money. Doing this it seems that the sovereign governments, immanently in this action recognizes that money does not exist, as I realized above. Because they bail out banks, they seem to show through action that they are aware that the value of debt is nothing if the creditworthy is not creditworthy. What I mean to imply is that the borromean knot dissolves but is reinstated by an act of enlightened false consciousness.

Unfortunately, in an economy where the nominal growth is stagnant or failing, the national undertaking of debt strains the national deficit. The added costs of interest and repayments may result in a negative relation between taxes and spending and consequently result in a state bankruptcy.[59] To meet this minor obstacle, states speculate in the rate of inflation. As mentioned, the logic result of a depression is deflation. Shortly it entails that the owner of cash in time will experience an increased value of a fixed amount of cash. This is set off by a propensity not to overspend during deflation, and thereby creating a decrease in prices due to price competition. As such deflation benefits the consumer[60], but only in a short run, because less spending means less production, which means less employment and hence no salary to spend.[61] All in all this also means a decrease in taxes, which the newly indebted governments cannot afford.

To counteract this tendency cash flow needs to be stimulated. Because students tend to spend, rather than save, they pose a monetary gateway to the economy. In other words by providing students with funds, one can stimulate cash flow in society, because what students don’t spend on tuition, accommodation and books they spend on consumption.[62] From a government perspective this makes it possible to ease the logic consequences of depression, by providing student funds and thereby boosting cash flow, creating inflation. In other words, by enforcing an increase in students spending, the decrease in homeowner spending is evened out. From the student perspective, student loans are an investment in future prospect, but only so long as education provide better chances at procuring a job. And that is just it. The growing numbers of unemployment in western countries are hard to overlook, and so is the fact that millions of well-educated people have ‘sold their future’, by taking on debt. It seems that students acts against their better knowledge, taking up loans they probably know they cannot repay. Accepting a double claim through both tax and loans, victimized by circumstance in order to survive. By this it seems student loans and the naïve believe in academia points towards the same abyss as the previous confidence in real estate.

According to Rickards there seems to be an academia bubble under way.[63] Looking at the situation in Europe it seems to bare testimony to Rickards predictions. Even before the crash of 2008, Students of Paris demonstrated in the streets and finally barricaded at the Sorbonne in March 2006.[64] They protested against the new legislations legalizing ungrounded firings of young people within the first two years of employment.[65] The young people were seeking to air their frustration about unemployment and uncertainty of employment and hence the darkness of their future expectations as potential taxpayers and homeowners. Only when the directive was abandoned in April 2006 the protests died out. But little has changed since. In mid November 2013 top officials from all over EU assembled to address the problem of youth unemployment, as the European average was 23,5%, with countries like Spain and Greece reaching the ‘top score’ above 50%.[66] The reason for this is most likely to be found in the somewhat hidden possibility that western economy has been in a zero-growth state for the past twenty years and in fact real-estate bubbles have created the experience of wealth we have known for the past two decades.[67] As such western economy and hence production is merely an illusion, created by a false sense of wealth.

What I observe is that all (government, homeowners and students), fall victim to money. Money that sovereign governments trough actions seemingly acknowledges does not exist. Homeowners are caught by mortgages exceeding the value of their properties caught in a discrepancy between the real value of commodities and the symbolic reality of money. Students seem to obtain loans despite the fact that they must be aware of the predicament they may face redeeming the debt. Government officials provide the loans despite, they as well, must know that the debt is unlikely to be repaid because of unemployment. I must suppose the governments act against their better knowledge, but they do it anyway excused by the need for cash flow in economy. In other words “They know what they are doing, but they do it because, in the short run, the forces of circumstance and the instinct for self-preservation are speaking the same language, and they are telling them that it has to be so. Others would do it anyways, perhaps worse”.[68]  I believe them to be blasé, because I do not believe they are neither dumb nor evil, they “see the nothingness to which everything leads”[69] and they have “become elastic enough to incorporate as a survival factor a permanent doubt about their own activity”.[70] By demonstrating in the streets students show they are knowing about the fact that there is no higher purpose of education, but yet acts as if when obtaining loans. What I see is that government officials, homeowners and students keeps on going about their respective businesses as if it serves a purpose, knowing that the purpose they claim to serve is an illusion. I wonder if this is not a collective public mass loneliness and purposelessness. Where our ability “to create generally accepted public character has been lost”[71] caused by the focus on self-preservation. Consequently we become isolated borderline melancholies[72] acting in economy, and yet not acting. Initiating distrust in the banks and then reinstating trust in the banks. It seems that we as well as economy control our symptoms of depression to be able to function. What I see is that an enactment – of “enlightened false consciousness”[73], knowingly acting without purpose and prospect, set on by the economic crisis and realizations of money – simultaneously create a state of melan-conomy.


Co-creating crisis

My agenda was to reflect on money, crisis, debt and the human state of mind, as one of being in a state of blasé, wondering if the relation of the conceptual-empirical is co-creating the economic crisis and manifesting in what I deem melan-conomy. In doing so the reflexions departed from my own view and agonizing realizations, that the more I learned of economy the more I felt the nothingness and purposelessness of everything. Somehow I found myself in a spontaneous “material-semiotic node”[74] an intersection of the syllabus and my state of mind, which I identified as blasé, a concept born from reading Sloterdijk. In this state I seemed to identify with the empirical, I felt it to be to close for comfort. Reading the conceptualisation of money in this state of mind, I saw how we are victimized by fiat money, because merely by being in economy we are condemned with a claim. Furthermore I realized that I myself, enacting the commodity theory, re-enforce this claim in every transaction I make. Only now the state of blasé further overwhelmed me because I realized that from now and onward I was also enacting the enlightened false consciousness, acting against my better knowledge whenever acting in economy. Reading on, I was faced with nothingness by credit theory of money, realizing that money is somehow purposeless, only held together by a borromean knot of the real, symbolic and imaginary, and somehow I recognized my self as a victim, re-enforcing my own victimization of pure nothing. Gradually yet another realization snug up on me, the re-enforcement of victimization of pure nothing, was a creation of the material-semiotic node I was encountering.

Yet, in my state of elasticity doubting my own activity, I read on, and discovered what I deemed to be melan-conomy. Guided by Slotedijk’s prediction of the cynical reason being a mass figure, I detected melan-conomy to be produced by a mass action, of enlightened false consciousness in economy. Melan-conomy seemed to be the consequence of homeowners, students and government officials’ actions against their better knowledge. A knowledge of nothingness, because they seem as I to have detected, money does not exist. The borromean knot is dissolving, only to be re-instated by actions against better knowledge.

Returning to my initial agenda reflecting on the likelihood that the relation of the conceptual-empirical is co-creating the economic crisis, I find that by these reflexions I have contributed to the co-creation of crisis. As such this mere product is testimony that the validity of my wonderings cannot be disproven. Constructing the connection between the state of blasé and homeowners, students and government officials’, it cannot be denied that they might co-create the economical crisis, trough re-enforcement of victimization of pure nothing, knowingly acting against their better knowledge. Though speaking in terms of situated knowledges I cannot claim to see from their point of view and thus I can neither claim nor deny their participation in the co-creation of the economic crisis, but only claim their effect on my co-creation of the economic crisis through the observation of melan-conomy.


The neurosis of future happiness

Before ending these reflections as promised I reintroduce Sloterdijk. Because while being in the agonizing state of blasé, realizing my own enlightened false consciousness I experienced a shift underway co-creating melan-conomy. As I was writing from a place of a priori pain[75] – a place to close for comfort, grasping nothingness – the closeness of this nothingness seemed to unveil a sense of now-ness. Identifying my pain, as insecurity caused by the realization that my future had just evaporated into nothing, the only thing I had was now – consequently the following notion from Sloterdijk dawned on me:

“European neurosis sees happiness as its goal and an effort of reason as a way to achieve it… Ironically, the aim of the most critical effort is the most ingenious release.”[76] Because “..cynicism becomes the foundation for a healthy freedom from illusion.”[77]

What I became aware of was, that since my realization of nothingness, I did not have to concern my self with any goals. It was like worry had been lifted from me, and I felt a weird form of relief. Returning to the reflections on economy. What if, the problem in economy mentioned above, that it is not cyclical, but structural, is created by the way we think of money as a means to a goal. As I just illustrated. I in my reading and writing, I too have been re-creating crisis and co-creating melan-conomy. This must entail, that struck by another material-semiotic node, pre-supposedly I would be able to make a different co-creation. Concerning economy my wonderings are if the same ability is present. Supposing that melan-conomy is the present state of mind and mind of states, Sloterdijk’s prediction of a cynical mass figure, would also imply the possibility of a mass now-ness. The same relieving now-ness I was struck with. What I mean to suggest is, somehow “..cynicism becomes the foundation for a healthy freedom from illusion.”[78] Thus – if my observations of melan-conomy are correct, they may entail an awareness of now-ness and relief in economy – possibly via a co-creation set in motion by a material-semiotic intersection. Accordingly the implication of melan-conomy and discovery of the relief of economical now-ness could be a creation of fore instance a state of instant-conomy.



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  6. Jane Lee – I’m so thankful I was there to help when you were not feeling well. It’s never a burden to take of your child….or her children. I loved being with you all and getting to know and love Jonah. He is such a sweet, precious, perfect gift. Thank you, Lynds and Jason, for all four of the grandchildren you have given me. I am counting the weeks until I can be with you again.November 12, 2012 – 12:30 am

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  15. The logical alternatives when the Eurozone was set up were to either to move to something like our federal form of government with the central (Eurozone) government responsible for major items like welfare, defense etc. and the central government to insist that the state governments had to show some responsibility. The alternative is to forget about it.If Greece had not joined the Eurozone a fall in the Drachma may have reduced the damage or at least alerted the Greeks that something was seriously wrong.

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  17. 13dTexancelt, Dude, you’ve got me confused with someone else. I despise the very idea of Marxism and all of it’s bastard children! (Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Progressivism) There are plenty of Commies posting on this board, but I’m not one of them!d729

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  22. …you don’t have to be good at it, you just have to enjoy it. I’ve always thought that people make better teachers when they love what they’re teaching. Sadly you don’t find that all the time.

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  36. That picture at the end reminds me of "Dancing with the Stars". I just love that show. I turn it on and forget all my troubles. I pretend I'm one of the beautiful people spinning and dipping and gliding across the dance floor. I so much look forward to watching that show … hey wait a minute … I better check the TV Guide. That stupid political stuff better not bump my show.

  37. Jesus, cousin, that's contamination at first touch, you've managed to foist your ambivalent own-initiative to self-destruct upon the poor creature, swinging from unaware self-abuse to deliberate self-exploitation for the common good, be that irresponsible entertainment or downright suicidal self-management. =))

  38. i really want to see the scene where peeta tells katniss about how he fell in love with her! so sweet! I’m also looking forward to the moment when katniss and peeta try to swallow the nightlock. that moment really defines the rest of the series

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  47. Thanks Earl! I appreciate your kind words. I guess I value happiness much more than ‘success.’ I don’t really need to prove anything to anyone anymore. I just want to strive to be better for myself. The struggle really is the most rewarding part.I hope we can meet soon!

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  49. “king of the world” might be more of an ENTJ thing than NT thing, though. I think every NT type has a slightly different reason for why they come up with ideas, but the important thing is they have them. For example, I’m an INTJ and I come up with ideas because I’m always looking for how things can be improved. Whereas my ENTP husband comes up with ideas because it’s fun for him.

  50. omg i always thought if i ever saw a mouse id be like big deal! theyre so cute. but one night a couple months ago i was at felipes alone and i turned on the kitchen light and a MOUSE ran behind the stove. i obviously screamed, ran into his bedroom, locked myself in and didn't come out until he came home and assured me i was hallucinating (i assure i was not!) glad you survived it!Lol

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  52. Very funny post. I’m not much of a Valentine’s Day celebrator, and hadn’t thought much about the giving/receiving of gifts for the holiday. I stopped in the local grocery and was nearly knocked out by all the pink balloons and flower arrangements that greeted me when I entered. I was equally surprised by the number of men buzzing about with arms full of flowers and candy (at last minute pit stop before heading home?). It made me smile.

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  68. Hi Sean, it occurred to me that there is a twin to the Newport tower, in Devon, UK, it’s been long know as a navigational tool for ships of old. I’m not sure if it was ever used as a beacon, but the UK’s National Trust may be able to help you identify its whereabouts and what its original use was.keith

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  76. “Ergo, the old “middle class” is the new “upper class”. It is regrettably true that far from disappearing, the “lower classes” are still well and truly with us. Indeed, it is argued that in the United States this section of the community is actually growing in size.”So, if the lower classes are growing in size doesn’t it suggest that the old middle class is becoming the new lower class – they’re sliding down, not rising up.

  77. i concur! i only log on at facebook about once a month because it’s so hard to sift through all the detritus and see what people i care about are doing. and i only have 11 “friends”!! as far as twitter goes, it is totally silly that people get their feelings hurt when someone doesn’t reciprocate the “follow”. it’s impossible to get through hundreds of peoples’ tweets quickly, and really, isn’t that the whole point of twitter? quick in and quick out. anyway, i really enjoyed this topic, if only because it makes me feel good that someone else out there echoes my sentiments.

  78. "Consumers will soon be able to download the JRE for Mac OS X from, just as they do for all other operating systems." So…they just have got a Round Tuit yet. Also – and I have updated the article to make this clear – the OS X installer (I have only tried the JRE) published by Oracle _only supports OS X 10.7.3_. Touch luck to Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion users, at least so far…

  79. Good tips for picking wedding shoes. The advise on comfortable shoes first is very true. For my wedding I had brand new shoes (not broken into). So for half the day I was in pain. Luckily my mom gave me some foot massages. If you plan to dance the night away a backup pair of shoes might be helpful.

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  81. – Loving the photos; relating completely to the syndrome. Okay, a technical question which I realize will be on the bottom of the to-do list because you’ve got a lot on your plate right now (totally get that one too). The colors in these photos are brilliant. Beautifully saturated, but not at all overdone and not in any way muddy. Are you using an action for these or are you just using your own technique? Again, bottom of the list. Thanks for sharing and for making us feel better about life with a PCS child.July 14, 2008 – 2:57 am

  82. so.”Now that I am a Christian we have discussed what might have been a better way to defend Truth, and she agrees that she made a lot of mistakes in many ways.But we should still stand up for truth in our own lives, and keep fellow Christians accountable. Chastizing unbelievers for not leading a “moral” lifestyle is a waste of time, because outside of Christ (the relationship) a moral lifestyle is futile. Do I make sense?

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  84. Justin (115)-The WPA was also a public works/”jobs” program that led us into the formation (via the Great Society in the ’60s) of the biggest welfare state in the history of mankind and cemented the existence of a permanent underclass in the US.Artificially-supported, tariff-created industries can never be justifed. The result never matches the intent, no matter how noble.

  85. Admirando tu dedicación, tu experiencia, tu trabajo compartido, tu vivencia, sencillez y tu disposición a ser parte de esos momentos mas importantes de la vida de la gente. Aconsejándonos, otorgándonos el placer de saber que en cada etapa de nuestras vidas hay un disfrute y que en medio de ello situaciones que resolver… facilitándonos y enseñándonos a aprender a vivir… éxitos se siguen asomando…abrazos Tiba!!!

  86. Det är sådana här saker som gör att man inte vill lära sin 12 veckor gamla kattunge att vistas ute, trots att hon trivs jättemycket i det fria.Skönt är ju att man bor i ett bra område där 20-tals katter går ute och jagar råttor utan att bli avrättade, dock finns det idioter som kommer och går på gatorna ibland!

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